Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, Marin County

              For those who have visited Green Gulch Zen Center in Northern California’s Marin County, the magnificence and beauty of the place speaks for itself. Located just north of San Francisco, the Zen Center provides a retreat from the city and a quiet place to experience nature, spirituality and community. The site itself is located on 115 acres in Muir Woods and provides access to Muir Beach and a number of hiking trails. The main buildings of the Zen Center are located towards the east end of the property and are the home to a number of resident monks. The farm and gardens are set in the center of the property, while Muir Beach and surrounding trails form the western edge of Green Gulch. In addition to being the present site of Green Gulch Zen Center, this property has passed from the Miwok tribe, Spanish ranchers, the co-founder of Polaroid and the National Park Service. Because of its rich cultural history, breathtaking natural landscape, and present spiritual atmosphere, we believe that Green Gulch should be honored and preserved for future generations. Our interpretative plan will detail ways in which we can preserve this local cultural heritage site for future generations.

Click Here to Download Our Complete Green Gulch Zen Center Interpretive Plan (pdf)

About Us:

Nura is a graduating senior majoring in African American Studies with minors in Education and Global Poverty and Practice. She’s been involved with various outreach organizations while at Berkeley; Stiles Hall, Cal Camp, and the Magnolia Project. Community building and preservation of past cultures, in order to understand the present and future, has been a recent interest. Career wise she aspires to earn a Masters in Business Administration and one day open up her own family business. Aside from her career she strives to always give back to youth in the community because they continue to inspire her by their drive and intelligence despite constant adversity.

Alex is an Art Practice major at University of California Berkeley. She focuses on installation and social practice in her work. She is going to attend University of Pennsylvania in the fall for a Masters in Urban studies and City Planning. Green Gulch interested her as an example of community based sustainable practice. Her career goals include sustainability in city and public space design.

Allie is an Anthropology major with an emphasis in Digital Archaeology. She has worked on numerous digital documentation projects while attending Berkeley, including a study of Bay Area graffiti, documenting sites of found artwork and Bay Area places of cultural significance. After completing her undergraduate degree, Allie hopes to own her own used bookstore as well as sail around the world.

Anonymous Contributor is UC Berkeley student who has realized that identity is merely an social construction that constrains perception in ways that tend limit compassion, love, and acceptance.


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