This is another mix of tangible and intangible heritage. This the golden bicycle of Hermes, the Messenger as used in the site-specific production of The Odyssey by WePlayers in 2012 on Angel Island in the SFBay. Here it rests in the old military hospital courtyard, waiting for its cue

The Golden Bicycle of Hermes on Angel Island

This is the old Freemason Temple in Downtown Berkeley. It was built in 1905 for the Berkeley Freemasons, who stopped using it in 1944. - Shelley Trout

The Freemason Temple in Berkeley, California

San Fransico is a somewhat obvious Heritage Site in the conventional sense, but what this picture highlights is the original belfry and replica bells of the original Spanish chapel, and the larger bell tower of the more recent 18th cent

Mission Dolores in San Francisco

Per its website, herchurch is a Lutheran congregation in which "the voice of the Divine Feminine is not only being mined in the pages of scriptures and the stories trapped between the lines but also from ancient and modern Goddess traditions,"-- a radical departure from the institution's original aims. SF Weekly did a feature on the church's history: by Chandler Fitzsimons

Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran at Twin Peaks, San Francisco

This beautiful little theater, that has been called a

Cerrito Theater in El Cerrito, CA

This is one of the oldest surviving Lesbian bars in San Francisco, being founded and continuously active since 1962. This building is founded on a building that dates before the 1906 earthquake when Bernal Heights neighborhood was mostly farms. Before the earthquake until 1909 there was a bakery in the building. After that, various other stores occupied the ground floor . Ruth Tringham

Wild Side West in Bernal Heights, SF

This is an example of intangible heritage at the restored and cleaned ruins of the 19th/20th century Sutro Baths. In June 2015 WePlayers performed a site-specific production of the play Ondine. Act 1 was at Point Lobos (here), Acts 2 and 3 were across the main road in Sutro Park. I was a volunteer in crowd control and production assistance. Sutro Baths is part of the Lands End Nation Park (GGNR). Sutro Park is not. by Ruth Tringham

Ondine by WePlayers at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

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