(6) Vesuvio Image Gallery

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Crowd Listening to Mussolini Speak

vesuvio_zk_photo_43 "Outer Vesuvio Days Past"

Jan. 1, 1931.

A Quiet Night at Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_51 "A quiet night at Vesuvio"

Vesuvio Cafe's original owner (when it was still an Italian restaurant), Mrs. Georgetti, July 1949.

“Homo Beatikus”


"Homo Beatikus", c. 1950.

 For Customers Barred From Vesuvio


Vesuvio Annex, 1950.

The Former Walls of Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_31 "The Former Walls of Vesuvio"

Signs above the bar, the one to the right still hangs in the same spot today, c. 1950.

Bohemia’s Last Stand


Name contest for Bohemia's Last Stand, 1950.

Season’s Greetings


Christmas card, 1955.

The Outside of Vesuvio in Days Past

vesuvio_zk_photo_42 "The outside of Vesuvio in days past"

Exterior of Vesuvio, c. 1959.

Another Look at Vesuvio in Days Long Gone

vesuvio_zk_photo_47 "Another look at Vesuvio in Days Long Gone"

Closer look at exterior of Vesuvio, 1959.


Beatnik Kit

vesuvio_zk_photo_33 "Beatnik Kit"

Lenoir's do-it-yourself BEATNIK KIT displayed in front window that is visible in previous two photos, date unknown.

Bartenders and Waitresses at Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_46 "Bartenders and Waitresses at Vesuvio"

Original owner Henri Lenoir with employees and customers, no date.


A Bike in the Bar

vesuvio_zk_photo_53 "A bike in the bar"

Xmas card photo of (left to right) customers Tony La Paz and Jim Bell; waitresses Maya Dhillon, Alice Holden, Suzanne Mazursky, Lyn, and Adriana; bartenders Bruce Weiss, Ron Leon, David Wood, and Burnie Priest; and Lenoir with Calso the cat, on Maya's motorcycle, c. 1960s.


Rallying the Troops

vesuvio_zk_photo_56 "Rallying the bar"

Henri Lenoir behind the bar, c. 1960s.


Don’t Bother Your Bartender!

vesuvio_zk_photo_41 "Don't bother your bartender."

Vesuvio cupboard, c. 1960s.

Lenoir Looking Sharp


Henri Lenoir and Vesuvio, 1960.

Vesuvio Ready for its Advertising Debut


Lejon advertisement, no date.

Vesuvio Interior


Vesuvio interior, c. 1960.

Saloon Keepers Bicycle Race


The contestants line up, 1962.

Saloon Keepers Bicycle Race Begins


Joe E. Brown starting the race, 1962.

Winners of Saloon Keepers Bicycle Race


Two Vesuvio waitresses win an award, 1962.

Henri Lenoir and Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_44 "Henri Lenoir and Vesuvio"

Henri Lenoir in front of Vesuvio, 1963.

A Bartender at Work in Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_52 "A bartender at work in Vesuvio"

Interior photo of Vesuvio, with Bruce Weiss tending bar, April 1963.

 The Social Scene


Bruce Weiss tending bar with waitress Alice Holden, 1963.

Lenoir and a Waitress at Vesuvio

vesuvio_zk_photo_45 "Lenoir and a Waitress at Vesuvio"

Henri Lenoir and JoAnne Low, c. 1963.

“Where the Neater Beats Meet to Bleat”


Illustration from article in San Francisco magazine, 1964.

Artwork on the Walls

vesuvio_zk_photo_61 "The former walls of Vesuvio"

Vesuvio interior, 1967.

 Bob Dylan at Vesuvio



Vesuvio Today


Exterior of Vesuvio, 2011.

Neighborhood Aesthetics


Exterior of Vesuvio looking northwest down Columbus Avenue, 2011.

Vesuvio Mural


Shawn O'Shaughnessy's mural on wall of Vesuvio in Jack Kerouac Alley, 2011.

Mural on City Lights Books


Mural on City Lights exterior wall across the alley from Vesuvio, 2011.

Come on in!


Doorstep at Vesuvio, 2011.

Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women!


Vesuvio patron in front of wall artwork, 2011.

Interior Wall Artwork



Table Artwork


Hand-painted table on balcony level, 2011.

Gas-Lit Chandelier


Gas-lit chandelier and Calso the black cat guarding above the bar, as seen from the balcony, 2011.

Heading Downstairs


Stairway down to Men's Restrooms in the basement of Vesuvio, 2011.

For more photographs of Vesuvio’s past and present, including original posters collected by Henri Lenoir, click on this link to see our Flickr account.


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