City Lights Bookstore: Plans and Suggestions

Taking into account the different components that have been presented in City Lights bookstore  management plan, our team has come up with different suggestions and recommendations that will be helpful to implement through an action plan that can be very beneficial for City Lights, both as a bookstore and as a cultural heritage site.  Below are timeline suggestions as well as brief descriptions of what the recommendations entail.

Short Term Plans & Suggestions (to be considered within the next 5 years):

  • Establish a timeline or routine to check for building’s seismic and earthquake safety and implement it periodically.
  • Begin looking into possibilities of making bookstore ADA accessible and examine alteration guidelines established by the city for historical landmarks.
  • Brainstorm ways in which businesses that are historically tied to the Beat Movement might be able to collaborate to increase both the visitor and tourist market that would benefit all businesses involved. Continue collaboration if successful.

Medium Term Plans & Suggestions (to be considered within the next 10 years):

  •  Discuss and consider the possibility of tapping into new markets such as the electronic book industry.
  • If ADA accessibility is not completely realistic with building alteration, ideas such as “Virtual City Lights” and the book request kiosk should be considered.
  • Outreach to North Beach and Chinatown residents and businesses to begin a coalition that meets regularly to discuss the ways in which the cost of living is affecting the community and neighborhoods and what can be done about it.
  • Examine how the commemoration of dissident and marginalized voices within the Beat Movement can be executed and come up with project ideas and events.

Long Term Plans & Suggestions (to be considered within the next 25 years):

  • Look into and research ways in which the Poet’s Plaza can become a reality. Although there are currently monetary and capacity limitations, promoting the idea now might lead to public interest and potential donors that may help fund the project in order to turn it into a reality.
  • Despite being named a historical landmark, it is in City Lights’ interest to continue to promote its history and contribution in order to emphasize its relevancy and stay in business. Projects like “Share Your Own Poem” and “Howl” trial re-enactment should be carried out and can be possibly incorporated into annual events.

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