Green Gulch Zen Center: Local and Global Tourism

Local Tourism will allow the residents, visitors, and affiliates of Green Gulch the opportunity to visit local neighborhoods and communities that possess cultural remembrance of the original people of the Buddhist and Zen religion. Such an exposure allows for greater understanding of Buddhist practitioners. Local sites of tangible and intangible heritage are seen in local neighborhoods that surround Green Gulch. The perpetuity of Green Gulch relies in its members’ outreach with the greater local Bay Area neighborhoods along with practicing Buddhist communities. We have concluded that while Green Gulch is part of a counter culture it cannot be said that they are completely separated from popular culture because they have the option to interact with a greater American culture when they leave their farm-like community. Through this movement, Green Gulch members will extend conversations of past cultures to contemporary settlements. For instance, the theme of food offers one way in which these interactions can be made. Green Gulch community members can visit Bay Area neighborhoods to sample the rich cultural food options, and in return, Green Gulch members can observe the way in which local restaurants obtain their groceries and can even consult restaurants owners of sustainable food options.

Our proposed Global Tourism Program creates a travel program for people to visit international countries to further their exploration of Zen Buddhism. This program is a full immersion program in the Zen customs. It also will help create a larger tourism base for international guests at Green Gulch.


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