Campanile With view of Bay

Sather Tower interacts with many themes in unique ways. It is first and foremost the keeper of time on campus, marking the hours as they pass with a resonant chime. This is why we thought a lot about time and its passage as a theme for the tower. This chime connects with the idea of acoustics. The acoustic theme addresses the way the performances, songs, and spirit of the grand carillon of the tower echoes across the Bay Area and creates an ambiance of cheerfulness and campus spirit throughout the day and during special events. The tower currently stores fossils being researched and so is an active component of that research. The tower was used as a place for physics experiments too during the 1920s and so is tied to this theme of research in this way as well. In the towers prominence we find the final main theme: physicality and spatial relations. Sather Tower is a large, significant structure and demands attention because of this. It occupies a huge amount of space in our visual field as we walk around campus. One can see it in most places around Berkeley and this makes it important and noticeable. We plan to take action to maintain the site as a significant piece of heritage in the short and long term. In the short term we aim to create our mobile apps that emphasize the interaction with the tower for its users. In the long term it is important to continue to maintain the tower physically. We also realize it is important to create more events centralized around the tower so that it is affiliated with more activities and spirituous events on campus. All of these activities help to enliven the campus climate and to instill the prominence of the Campanile in the hearts of community members and visitors to the site.


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