Management Policies and Constraints

In many respects, the venue relies on the community just as much as the community relies on the venue. Any management plan which seeks to preserve the culture heritage of 924 Gilman must ensure that the comradeship of the community remains a priority. At different times, different parts of the community become the frontrunner for keeping the club alive, be it through striving to keep the multivocality prevalent, through keeping the shows and audiences coming, or by just simply making sure the bills get paid. 924 Gilman Street represents a whole lot of things to a wide variety of people. By keeping the community accessible to active participation and involvement, this diversity of voices is heard and maintained.

Furthermore, the people who are generally drawn to Gilman are either unable freely define their identities in regards to mainstream culture, or they simply refuse to be restrained in such a way. Punk rock forces us to ask questions like: Why is this wrong or right? Who decided this? Do I agree? The result is to consider how and why one believes in the things they believe in. In this sense, any management policy must also undergo scrutiny where as many community perspectives are considered as possible before any action is taken. Management policies should therefore must be flexible to amendment and without a predetermined result.


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