Davis House brings an unsurmountable amount of significance to the community. With such a cultural diversity instituted within its very walls, an infrastructure that takes us back in time to the Victorian era, ethics that are bringing young, vibrant people together in healthy, educational ways, community and educational involvement and a geographically located placement that makes it more than convenient to get to classes, it’s no wonder why so many students wish to keep this wonderful place alive. It supports ecological and healthy eating choices and makes eating healthy more accessible for students; which is highly important while they are trying to become the future of our world and make future decisions about political and ethical issues regarding the community and beyond. Davis House wouldn’t have the significance it does without students continually being involved in its liveliness and adding to the intrinsic energy that fills the house. Assisting in making everlasting and lifelong bonds between people living and learning inside the Co-Op, Davis House itself, houses much intangible heritage and keeping it alive is extremely important to the students in whom it has touched their lives forever over the years at UC Berkeley. It is more than just a building, it is more than just a house, and it is a loving and cheerful community in and of itself. It brings a softness to the eye of any person that loves architecture with its gorgeous Julia Morgan style home. Julia Morgan designed more than 700 buildings along the California Coast and adds a historic point of view to the heritage it holds. Built in the early 1900’s Davis House is a truly memorable place for anyone who has lived there and should be able to continue to be for future generations of Cal students.


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