Threats to the Venue

Throughout its existence, 924 Gilman Street has encountered frequent financial difficulties. The venue was originally opened on a $2,000 per month rent. It is currently $4,500. Many members blame gentrification, pointing to the recent opening of a nearby Whole Foods as the beginning of the yuppie invasion. In the past few years, many locally owned establishments in the area have gone out of business which speaks to the instability of the real estate and housing markets of the local area.

Additional financial threats to Gilman are structural in nature because financial management of the club also relies on the volunteer corp. This represents a problem because managing the business side of a nightclub requires a certain quality of economic knowledge and a significant time commitment, both on a daily and annual basis. As a non-profit organization they have a Chief Financial Officer who oversees the condition of their budget and funds, but he does this in addition to his full-time real job.

The ever-present threat which Gilman faces, however, is simply keeping the community that is fostered around the venue viable. The members and volunteers who actively participate in the daily function of the club are the true linchpin in this regard, because they are the ones doing all the grunt and behind-the-scenes work so that the bands have a place to play and the kids have a place to mosh. However, among the collective there is an uneven distribution of dedication, both personal and professional. Anyone is welcome to get involved, but nobody is going to force you to make a commitment that you cannot or will not keep. The ultimate fear here is that with a significant decline in member dedication, the club would become centralized under an elite that might then restrict open participation.


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