Virtual Volunteer Training

Gilman is “run by punks, for punks.” The venue is run by volunteers who show up every weekend to ensure shows run smoothly and the budget is kept in the black. Every position is on a volunteer basis. The exception is security, which is paid as per California law, which requires performance venues to have paid, trained security staff on hand. However, keeping with the volunteer experience, Gilman members take the job, rather than relying on professional security services

To show how volunteers do their jobs, we have created a series of “virtual volunteer training” videos where longtime Gilman volunteers discuss their jobs. This is to help the curious outsider get a better understanding of two things. The first is DIY ethos and community that are integral to Gilman’s continued existence. The second is provide a sense of the “nuts and bolts” of how a performance venue is run, something most audience members take for granted.

Harley shows you the process of setting up Gilman’s concession stand, affectionately known as the “Stoar.”

Former security guard Sam talks about how one gets involved in security, with some highlights from his years on the job.

Liz discusses sound and the general Gilman volunteer experience.


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