Berkeley Beats Poetry: Short Term Implementation

The first five years will need to focus on the actual execution of our various interpretive plans. Planning, implementing, and revising will be key steps during the first few years to successfully get the interpretive plans off the ground. There are bound to be numerous problems that we could encounter at the beginning, therefore troubleshooting issues, distributing surveys, and having an open communication of feedback with the users and visitors of our plans should be key practices to uphold.

For the implementation of the audio tour, we would want to be sure that not only the technical aspect of the app is in working condition (ensuring that the app works well, GPS location and navigation is accurate, narration stays up to date, etc), but also that our audience is understanding our main message and enjoying the experience. The production aspect of creating an audio tour needs to be emphasized when we begin implementing this project. Questions to focus on in regards to our own audio tour include: Why did we choose to place a certain piece of narration or other sound clip at this point in the tour? Therefore, what did we want to evoke by doing this? How are we using place to create a dramatic story—especially since the original buildings are no longer there/have been transformed into something else? What themes are we incorporating with this tour and how does it relate to Allen Ginsberg and the Beat movement?

With the crowd sourcing app we intend to encourage users to write their own poems and express what they are passionate about, so the app’s format and narrative must be open and free of expecting a presumed, singular-linear experience. The app should therefore not ever be a static piece of media technology but should be dynamic and change as the political and social culture in Berkeley changes. Typical updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting with such an app would need to be done as necessary to ensure the app continues to run properly without any serious performance issues.

For the poetry slam, it will be important to spread the word about the events and get a good following early on. This will help it gain popularity and momentum, and allow the slam to maintain a constant number of interested participants and audience members. The short term implementation plans of our sites seek to guarantee that these planned activities get off the ground, gain the attention of the public, and are constructively revised for their betterment so that they will survive into the future and create a lasting and meaningful impact.

For the execution of text installations of Ginsberg’s poems at the Berkeley Trader Joe’s, Ginsberg’s apartment on Milvia Street, Sconehenge Café, and the California College of the Arts, it is important that we take into account the selected piece of text and what and/or who we want its relevance to apply to. It would probably be best received if the various pieces of selected text retained its past significance to the Beat movement and socio-cultural aspects, while referencing today’s events and relating to the people of the local Bay area community as well. The specific location of these installations should be in a place that can be easily located and read.

Read about our Long Term Implemetation


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