(11) Five Wounds Church: Research Staff

Research Team Enjoying Portuguese Food in Little Portugal

Andres E. Tobar

Native to the City across the bay, he resurrected the Anthropology Club at City College of San Francisco after nearly a decade of being ignored. The Club has drawn notable attention form CCSF faculty/students and is now in its third strong year even in Andres’ absence since he transferred to UCB in 2010. Registered as a dual-major in Rhetoric and Anthropology with an emphasis on Cultural and Social Theory, Andres has recently been nominated to co-facilitate the University’s Association for Undergraduate Anthropologists and somehow also found time initiate the AUA’s Journal with Editors in Chief Judith Grey and Ryan Whitacre on top of taking four upper division courses. Future academic endeavors include some form of graduate level training to be decided on in the following year as he finishes his time at Berkeley as a Senior. However, academia plays second fiddle, remarks Andres, to his love for his Family and loyalty to the Bay Area.

Leonard Martinez

Native of La Puente, CA.  To the surprise of many, he transferred to UC Berkeley in the fall semester in 2009. His experience at UC Berkeley and his involvement with student organizations has been life changing. During the 2010-2011 academic year, Leonard served as Financial Director for Reflejos de Mexico De UC Berkeley and was recently promoted to President for the Fall semester in 2011. In addition, he was also the Chicano Studies representative for Ethnic Studies 5th Account, and the Chicano Studies student advisor to the department chair of Chicano Studies.  In the fall semester of 2011, Leonard will be graduating with a double major in Chicano and Ethnic Studies and a minor in Anthropology. As an advocate for equal justice and immigration Leonard hopes for one day pursue a career in immigration law.

Joshua Sales

Is a native of Richmond, CA. Joshua will be graduating in the fall semester in 2011 from UC Berkeley with a major in Anthropology.  Joshua considers himself a huge gamer and Golden State Warrior fan. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in business administration and marketing.


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