(6) Five Wounds Church: Implementation (Action Plan)- Short Term Goals


Fundraiser: Efforts by Five Wounds

Short Term Goals:

Proposing short term goals is difficult in the sense that this Plan had to first identify which projects, when implemented, would strengthen the succeeding implementations. It was like arranging a set of dominoes upright in a predetermined path so that when complete, the entire project would rely on only one push. Such effort is converse to the current implementation plans by the Comity which  deals with annual events and issues as they come along. This proposal aims beyond the festivals and Sunday mornings to give a supportive yet dynamic structure to the sustainability and practice of cultural components comprising the Portuguese culture of Little Portugal up to any international relations. The following are the proposed short term goals:

      • Setting up locked donations boxes at the entrance of the church.  Collections from boxes may be used to offset some of the expenses used by the food kitchen at St. Isabel’s next door.
      • Redeveloping the educational facilities.  This will be done by having weekly meetings among key players and stakeholders until an agreed until an agreement is made. Courses in Portuguese culture and language should be thought in collaboration with the local state and community colleges.
      • Creation of arts and crafts course to attract children, teenagers, and parents.
      • Implementation of multiple interactive Cultural Heritage Day throughout the year in the church parking lot. For example,  events at the festivals can include cooking classes, cooking contest, arts in crafts, etc.

Up Close shot of the graduating class of 1967 school picture


About Five Wounds Church

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