(7) Wounds Church: Implementation (Action Plan)-Medium and Long Term Goals


Display at Portuguese Historical Museum

Once the short term goals are meet, the medium and long term goals will serve to further strengthen the sustainability of Five Wounds. The plan’s final strategic move is to build a stronger connection with the home land of Portugal. The goal is to continue developing the educational facility, educate and celebrate the Portuguese culture, and the beautification of the church.  We believe that in twenty five years it is possible to begin holding events within the church by inviting scholars, politicians, and ambassadors’ representative of the Portuguese people. Throughout history, Portuguese immigrants have been prominent in contributing to the development of culture and society in the United States. Benjamin Cardoza, the Supreme Court Justice (1932-1938), John dos Passos (1896-1970), the author of the famous USA trilogy and other works on American society, John Phillip Sousa (1854-1932), the composer of America’s best-loved marching songs, were men of Portuguese heritage who have important places in the history of the United States. Although these great people are no longer of this world, the idea is clear that members of the Portuguese community can carry the culture of the Portuguese people by speaking directly to them at the church of Five Wounds. The following are the important goals we have identified to strengthen Five Wounds through a 25 year period.

Medium Term Goals:

    •  Have graduating students reach out to  other students from every educational institution in San Jose to serve as role models. In addition, they will promote Five Wounds through the advertisement of their experience and the Portuguese culture.
    • Digital documentation of clergy members. This project will allow future visitors to revisit the history of the church. In addition, the documentation will allow for research to be conducted on the church.
    •  Begin the process to find an individual to fix and clean the organ. In addition, the construction of a second stairway to meet San Jose building codes must begin. Access to organ will enhance visitor experience.
    • completion of an unattended portion of an incomplete ceiling paint job right above the main alter.

Long Term Goals:

      • Document the number of individuals engage wit the free services provided by St. Isabel Kitchen.
      •  Requests the local government for an  easier travel rout for visitors and tourists to Little Portugal.
      • Creation of a shuttle between Five Wounds and the Portuguese Heritage Society (only 3 miles apart).
      • Creation of promotional tours video feed aimed inside the church. This would give internet viewers a freedom to explore the church at their own direction and offers the potential to stream video feed across the internet for special occasions

Sign of Portuguese Museum


About Five Wounds Church

University of California, Berkeley Anthropology Department

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