(8) Five Wounds Church: Interpretive Project Profiles-Digital Exploration

Outlined here are three proposals to engage the community over the years. They can be implemented at any time given the necessary resources. The reason for their inclusion has been to supplement the historical, appraisal, and implementation approaches to the revitalization of the Portuguese culture. The following is are suggestions actively invite and retain visitors once the cultural aspect of the church and little Portugal has been established.

Digital Exploration:

Digital exploration immediately addresses the Portuguese youth and removed visitor audience begins by creating an interactive website. Digital tourism allows visitors-real and virtual- from around the world to visit Five Wounds Church, which will Increase the number of visitors. Currently, the church does not explain the history of the church and the meanings of all tangible items inside the church. The creation of website will allow visitors to create their own experience while maintaining the goals of Five wounds Church. In order to keep the visitors interested, the website will “not force-feed them a programmatic view of heritage. Rather we should create a design structure that is influenced by the goals of mulit-vocality and reflexivity” (Gonzalez 2005) as it is stated “Multivocality and the Virtual Interpretive Environment” by Sara L. Gonzales. The website will be created by using the free software WordPress. The ability for the visitor to explore the site in 3D will be created by a Google 3D program. visitors can click on an object that will produce the description and history.

For Example, if a visitor clicks on this object a description of the object will appear.


This stain glass window will explain the history of Portuguese to America that is portrayed


About Five Wounds Church

University of California, Berkeley Anthropology Department

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