(9) Five Wounds Church:Interpretive Project Proflies-Mobile Detection

Mobile Detection:

Visitors who participate in a scavenger hunt become more observant resulting in a more meaningful experience. According to Erik Champion, navigation influences visitors in what to do, whereas exploration allows visitors to lead themselves where they want. In result, participants will experience their own interpretation of the environment that creates a whole new perspective.  A scavenger hunt attracts visitors of all ages and especially children and adolescents. A scavenger hunt is an active way to get visitors involved with the church. Families can participate in a scavenger hunt and work together to figure out answers to clues and riddles regarding the historical and cultural heritage of the church.  Children and adolescents are the main targeted audience along with parental supervision. With guidance and prior knowledge, family members can learn from each other and the scavengers hunt itself. The idea of answering the clues and riddles is to think about the many possible answers that can be used.  There are many different ways to approach a scavenger hunt, but it takes some thought and energy.  In consideration of the variability of age, there will be three levels of difficulty.They are easy, moderate, and hard. To make sure that there is no repetition of answers, fresh new clues and riddles will be provided each time.

The scavenger hunt can consist of finding an image such as this one.


About Five Wounds Church

University of California, Berkeley Anthropology Department

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