The preservation of cultural heritage of the original Zeta Psi fraternity house located at 2251 College Avenue holds strong value to the UC Berkeley community.

Professor Conkey noted on her commitment to renovating the house during 2001 through to 2003, where all cultural, spiritual, historical, and aesthetic values were reawakened. While replacing certain walls, the crew discovered carved names into wood panels sustaining the fraternity chapter’s cultural practices. Along with this intriguing finding, the ARF and Anthropology department have displayed a case of original artifacts from the fraternity that were discovered during renovation.

Some change however, in the aesthetic values overall, allowed the building to be preserved and represent a culture that was once run by the young elite brothers of Berkeley. The values of the building have remained in place, as many of the rooms, stairwells, large living spaces, and artifacts still keep the original fraternity house alive with some of its original visual integrity.

As much of the UC Berkeley campus and city have also changed, the house is now technically not on College Avenue, where it once received a lot of traffic of people. The department and research facility use is additionally not great, therefore the foot traffic inside of the house helps preserve and maintain the structure.

If there were to be one major threat to our site, it would be the Boalt Law School of Berkeley. Their portion of campus is directly next to the 2251 Colleg eBuilding, and if they were to expand further it would be logical for them to absorb our site and utilize the land differently.However, their recent expansions, first of their garage (due east of the back of the 2251 College Building) and, most recently, with a re-orientation of Boalt to the south with extensive interior renovations have not impacted on the 2251 College Building.




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