Interpretive Projects

The interpretive plan for the 2251 College Building consists of four distinct components that all interact to create a comprehensive and immersive experience for anyone that visits or wants to learn about the site.  The first component of the plan is the, “Picture the Past” project, which leads visitors on a visual tour of what the facility looked like during its time as a chapter house for the Iota chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. The visual tour includes placing artifacts from the days of the fraternity in areas of the facility where they would have been used during the time of the fraternity. The visual tour will incorporate an app for cellular devices that will guide the visitor through the house along the tour of the artifacts, perhaps with an element of augmented reality such as Google Cardboard that would allow the visitor to see the room as it would have been back then if they chose to use that element of the tour.

The second component of the plan is “A Walk Through the Ages: An Audio Journey of the 2251 College Building” which will lead visitors on an audio tour of the facility. Visitors will have the option to listen to a tour that guides them through the facility as it would have been during its time as a fraternity house with narration and stories told by alumni of the fraternity. The second audio tour would work in the same way as the previous one, but would guide the visitor through the facility as it would have been during the NASA/UC Berkeley space research center years, narrated by Ruth Tringham.

The third component of the plan is the, “A Night Out with the Zeta Psi Brothers” project which includes planning mixer events during which members of the Zeta Psi fraternity and alumni could visit the facility, see the artifacts, listen to stories about the house, potentially take the tours and enjoy an authentic meal that would have been served during the times that the house was the fraternity.

The fourth and final component of the plan is the “An Interactive History of the 2251 College Building ” website on which all of the photographs, interviews, videos, floor plans and histories of the facility can be uploaded for visitors who are unable to physically visit the site. The website will incorporate a single stop in which visitors can access the visual tour video, audio tour sound clips, videos from mixers and can purchase tickets for the mixers. The website will be accompanied by a display case in the entryway of the facility that includes artifacts from when the facility was a fraternity, photographs, and objects from the modern-day Zeta Psi Iota chapter for comparative knowledge. The online website will be accessible remotely to anyone who has a computer as well as to visitors inside the facility on electronic tablets in order to provide a way to enhance their visit to the site.


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