Assessment of Values

Multivocality is very important; the underground/counterculture music scene varies drastically within sub genres which each have their own discrete cultural values and ideologies. As a community space, 924 Gilman allows for the inter-cultural flow between these groups which allows for people to freely connect with both like-minded and unlike-minded people. The different waves of the Gilman community, and their associated collective will, are often in many ways representative of either a reflection or reaction to larger social and cultural circumstances occurring within the Bay Area and in the music scene as a whole. It’s Gilman’s community basis which allows it to be a space wherein these circumstances might be negotiated. As such, Gilman is characterized by a certain impermanence. The art on the walls constantly gets painted over and reimagined by people who gather there. Which bands that are allowed to play and the values they represent are consistently being mediated by the collective will of the community as it exists at a specific time and space. Gilman is a living entity, so there’s a sense of being in constant flux, but it’s paired with the stability indicative of a sense of unity and comradeship.


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