Albany Canvas Interpretive Plan

As the city plans to gentrify the park, the art in its current location is in danger. This raises questions of authenticity and sense of place pertaining to the art. The end result of this interpretative plan constitutes display cases placed throughout the Albany Bulb showcasing art of the Bulb commissioned by local artists.

Albany Canvas is a unique program that would be created in cooperation with the city of Albany as a way to preserve the artwork of the Bulb. The focus of this particular interpretive plan is to integrate a way to save some of the art while also encouraging community involvement within the space. The art walk would include a guided tour of the Bulb by former residents and artists. After being inspired by the art walk and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the Bulb, artists would be encouraged to create their own artwork that encompasses what the Bulb means to them and their community.

The proposal for this interactive art collaboration is as follows: Throughout the course of a year, which would begin with the guided art walk, visitors would be encouraged to visit the Bulb and interpret the art through different medias, including but not limited to; photography, film, painting, etc. The artists would be allowed to upload their artwork to a website that is designed to share the Bulb’s art culture with visitors.

Canvas App

Albany Canvas App Icon by Karlene Shippelhoute

The intention is that by allowing locals to upload their art, the personal experiences and ways of viewing the Bulb and its wild landscape will remain accessible to everyone rather than the proposal for the area that the city is attempting to present, which considers removing the artwork completely. After the one-year duration of artistic creation the art would be used to create an installation and be given to the city to incorporate into their plan.

Although the East Bay Regional Parks District does not yet operate the actual Bulb and is only working on the Neck they have been given permission by the city to operate the area in the future. On the East Bay Shore Regional Park website they claim that, “The District has a responsibility to preserve the legacy and the history of the peoples who occupied this land before the District was established and park properties acquired, as well as to preserve the history of the District itself. It would appear that upon their acquisition of the Albany Bulb it would be within their mission statement to preserve the art.

Webiste Image.jpg

An example of a website interface for by Karlene Shippelhoute

Preserving the art can be done in many different ways. Although this interpretative plan empathizes with the sentiments of former residents who want the art to remain at the Bulb realistically we understand why the city wants to remove the art due to issues of liability and maintenance costs. Therefore, this plan suggests that the artwork be removed and placed in museum to be enjoyed and preserved as part of the history and culture of the Bay Area.


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