We as a team hope to continue to bring more community member to engage with the building and its history. With the use of our interpretative plans we have reimagined the Oakland Tribune Tower open to the public as both a cultural heritage site and a museum.

Trip to the roof of the OAK Tribune Tower

Trip to the roof of the Oakland Tribune Tower- photo by Marisol Cuong

With the Tower being converted into a museum we aspire the community to see the building not just as an iconic building, yet as something that represents the Oakland history. Having had experienced the Oakland Tribune Tower from its physicality to the remembrance of people that have been part of the building we know and respect its intangible attributes which is why we want to help sustain it through a set of long term and short term implementations. Short term consist of the following:

  • Funding


  • Make sure building is up to code



  • Consent from current owners



  • Parking


Long term consist of the following:

  • Hopes for the Oakland Tribune Newspaper to return to the building.


  • Establish our interpretative plans



  • Ask people in the past and present that have a connection to the tower to share their stories.



  • Instill a sense of pride in the Oakland Community by highlighting the importance of history through the use of the tower.



  • Digitally document and establish a reliable archive of The Oakland Tribune Tower newspaper.


As of now, perhaps exhibits or tours could be established while work is in progress but this would depend on the availability of space in the tower and how negotiations go with the current owner, Tom Henderson, the businesses, people that occupy the space, and the use of the tower.

Tribune Tavern

Tribune Tavern -photo by Jeremy Spratlen

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