Multi-Sensory Experience/Community Narrative Video Zine

(Poster inviting Gilman members to share their experiences with the team. These are still hanging in the venue as of this writing. Posters designed and posted by Danielle Belanger.)

This interpretive plan will create a video zine, which will not only aim to explore the idea of ephemerality and the mutually dependent relationship between the venue and the community, but also the reasons for which attending a live concert or show are privileged over experiencing a concert or show through secondary media and recordings. The physicality of the environment as well as the community at shows and concerts largely contribute to the differences between a live experience of a performance and one that is recorded.

The goal for this video zine will be to depict a sense of community, but it will also include themes of Gilman’s ethos and mentalities. Because the audiences and members of Gilman are constantly changing, this video will embrace themes of ephemerality. In addition, the video zine will contribute to sustainability by capturing a digital log of varied perspectives and views of Gilman at this moment in time — future generations of Gilman members will be able to look back on this video to see what the community of Gilman is like in 2015, perhaps even to reflect on whether the community or the venue’s ethos has changed. I am interested in fashioning the video zine so that it appeals to a wide range of audiences — people who have never heard of Gilman before, people who are curious to learn more about the venue, and people who are fully invested and want to get even further connected to the Gilman community.


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