3-D Virtul Interior Interactive Tour of Davis House


The virtual tour of the inside of Davis House is completely based online and out of the privacy of your very own home. It is based around web-enhanced software and allows the participant to engage with the interior of Davis House. This tour enables users to gain intimate access via the virtual touring world and has audio and textual implementation and stimulation throughout the tour. The user will be able to start on the outside of the house, enter various rooms and also be able to interact with inanimate objects inside of each room, all whilst being able to hear and conceptualize different stories in the home.

Prospective students are able to gain access prior to living in the space and investors are also able to see and experience their investments in an entirely new digital representation. Those looking or intending to destroy  the site may also benefit from this tour and intimate, virtual interaction and be able to connect emotionally and empathetically. Those stake stakeholders are able to interact and hear the intimate stories and intangible heritage of those dwelling in the residence and are able to empathize with those  of whom will be affected and the heritage in which the stakeholders potentially intend to destroy.


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