Modes of Outreach

There are several modes of outreach that are used by the venue including zines, posters, and maintenance of a Facebook, website, and updated event calendar. The venue has been widely recognized in the punk scene, where its reputation has attracted international bands and visitors. The incorporation of pre-sale tickets, which are often available online (particularly for larger shows) has allowed for greater accessibility to those who are traveling to the area.

Although Gilman has an established status and is recognized in the music world, particularly in independently run venues and in punk culture, there is not a whole lot of outreach toward including people who are not already immersed in the culture. Our plan aims to link various communities and reach out to a wider audience — one that is not exclusively affiliated with punk culture. To reach a wider audience, we are placing our project online and using accessible mediums to increase awareness and interest in 924 Gilman as a historic and significant site within communities that are not already or necessarily invested in the cultural center.

There are several resources that have been published about 924 Gilman including a documentary and a book, 924 Gilman: The Story So Far. In addition, there are a number of videos that are available on sites such as YouTube that document live shows at Gilman. Our interpretive projects are mainly honing in on training and education — whether it is educating the public about the various aspects of the Gilman community that are in fact, cooperative, helpful, and invested in social/political matters (verses the stereotype of the Gilman/punk community as being deviants) or creating videos that will walk team members through various volunteer positions. By demonstrating aspects of Gilman volunteerism, this interpretative management plan will increase sustainability by spreading awareness that one can volunteer at Gilman. People who may not have considered or even known about volunteering might consider it. Gilman will then be able to operate more effectively and for a longer period of time with more volunteers. Our goals are ultimately to increase the music club’s sustainability, and our main contribution to this matter is through the training and education projects.


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